Steamboat Lodging Properties Supports BraveHoods

About BraveHoods

Brave Hoods – One for you. One for a brave kid too. With over 13,000 kids diagnosed with cancer every year, Steamboat Lodging Properties is proud to support the local charity BraveHoods. Allison Yacht, whose daughter Meredith was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, started making BraveHoods to help those kids on a daily basis fight their battle with cancer. Allison knows the struggles a brave kid fighting cancer has with losing their hair. BraveHoods are hooded t-shirts that provide children with the protection, comfort & security they need to feel like a “normal kid”. Allison is passionate about providing BraveHoods to kids with cancer at no cost. Currently the mission provides two platforms: “One for You and One for a Brave Kid” and “No Shirt for You but We’ll Give Away Two.” Read the full BraveHood story here.


Supporting BraveHoods

To show our support, Steamboat Lodging Properties will make a BraveHoods purchase in for every reservation during ski season. This means for every reservation at least one BraveHood will be donated to a child fighting cancer. If you choose the “No Shirt for You but We’ll Give Away Two.” platform your reservation will donate two BraveHoods to two brave kids. This is up to a $50 contribution for every reservation made through this partnership.

Mountain of Success
Poem By: Max Goldman

Five years old
I’m at the top of Papa Dave’s Driveway
Learning to ski
I think I have it
Nope, I crash on the cold hard ice
I’m starting to climb the mountain
I know I will get it someday.

At 6
I’m at the top
This time, the Preview lift learning to ski
Attached to my dad learning pizza and french fries (to slow down or speed up)
I found my groove
Nope, it’s gone
The trail is starting to form
I know I will get it someday.

I’m 7
I’m at the top
Now, the Christy lift learning to ski
I’m on my own down the terrain park
I’ve actually got my groove this time
I’m starting to go higher
I know I will get it someday.

8 years of age
I’m at the top this time the Gondola learning to ski
I am high enough to have an icy view of Steamboat
I’m half way
I know I will get it someday.
I am one year under a decade

I’m at the top this time
the Sundown Express
down Spur Run
and my first ever black diamond
you have to dress warmer here
I learned this the hard way
I can see the peak
I know I will get it

I’m in the double digits now
I’m at the top
I’ve made it
Morningside lift
I am there
birds chirping
trees singing
down the chutes I go
I’m at the peak
I feel like Superman
I knew I could do it
Whenever you put your
heart to something
In the present

I’m 11
I’m everywhere on the mountain
I start my descent
Down the Mountain of success
I knew I could
I did it!
You will succeed

Please call Steamboat Lodging Properties to make your reservation & mention you would like to help support brave kids with BraveHoods 1.800.641.3155.